So, I’m tootling around in my car, and on Wednesdays and Fridays, since I am coming from Harbor City/Lomita, I usually come back via Sepulveda/Pacific Coast Highway. I may even stop someplace, have some coffee or dinner, and just enjoy the drive back.

And, as daylight savings hasn’t kicked in yet, the sun is still out, and I get to watch the sun set as I am stuck in traffic. (Yesterday I was stuck behind the slowest Masserati ever, going at least 5 miles under the speed limit in the left lane. During rush hour! Trying to avoid a ticket?)

As I am waiting at yet another red light, I glance to my left, and the sun is a bright orange ball, framed by palm fronds and enormous power line towers. Oh, Redondo Beach! So pretty. I was reaching for my camera in my bag on the back seat when the light turned, so no picture.

But it is moments like these when I am reminded I live in California, not more than 15 miles from the beach of the Pacific Ocean, in Los Angeles, and that there are many beautiful sights to be seen. And all it takes is for me to actually notice, savor and appreciate. I may still wonder why I am living here, but when I do take the time to notice where I am, I certainly do appreciate it.

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