Big Downtown Excitement

Yes, it’s true, finally, a major retailer moving into downtown LA.

Target is coming to 7+Fig. Here’s the story.

This is good news on many fronts. It says that downtown is viable enough to bring in a big-ish, formerly affiliated with the suburbs, box store. Now I don’t have to get in my car and drive to WeHo and hunt for parking. I can just walk downtown. And if I go on Thursday, I can hit the farmer’s market there every week around lunchtime. Certainly can’t say the same of going over to West Hollywood Target on a Thursday.

I like 7+Fig. As a dying shopping mall, once major tenant Macy’s closed its store there, they have been bravely soldiering on. They have some good tenants, like the adjacent Starbucks (with decent after business hours) and the Chase bank branch in the high rise next door, and they certainly aren’t going anywhere. They are in fact the reason I visit 7+Fig as often as I do. That and the free wifi. There’s a FedEx buried in the 2nd below street level, which occasionally I need, and various restaurants and fast food chains that I have frequented.

And they do try to attract visitors, with free art events, music, and as a gathering point for a frequent weekend bus tour of downtown available properties. The activity and advertising they put in would certainly not give the impression the mall is not that alive. One doesn’t realize that there are vacant store fronts and it has a derelict feeling to it until one visits it, in its bowels.

In the meantime, it is on my way into downtown, a place to sit, a place to check emails and more like a park in its present state. But one day soon, it will be a busier place, thanks to a new Target.

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