Came across a mnemonic for streets of downtown LA, having had no idea one had been created.

It is in a book I picked up when I needed some quick study aids for my tutoring endeavors. Thank you Costco for providing these at the pre-school seasonal time of the year. This book is titled “i before e (except after c) old-school ways to remember stuff” by Judy Parkinson.

Here it goes (from SE to NW):

In LOS ANGELES, you MAINly SPRING onto BROADWAY, go up the HILL to OLIVE with the GRAND HOPE of picking FLOWERs on FIGUEROA.

Personally, Figueroa, Spring and Main are my stomping grounds. Main is where some shops I frequent are located, Spring is where my coffee place is and the 24/7 LA Cafe down the way, while my bar is between the two streets. My bank is on Figueroa, along with where the nearest Fedex Office used to be (now half a block away, bigger and badder) and Staples photocopying services are located. And the closest downtown subway stop. Broadway is where my theatre lives, and Hill is the street where Angel’s Flight, the next closest subway stop and one side of Pershing Square are located. The others are just streets to get me to my stomping ground.

I was walking downtown the other day, and I finally figured out why I always get confused and disoriented. I am no good giving driving directions to anyone about downtown places, as I get lost myself and hardly pay attention to which streets are one way or which direction they go. It is not because it is so large, it is not because there are no streets with sequential numbers to help. Nope, it is because when I walk to get downtown, I take numbered streets, and once downtown, I mainly walk the above mentioned named streets. So once downtown, I make a 90 degree turn and my orientation thus gets off.

Yeah, it only took me three years of walking to downtown on a regular basis to figure that one out, but now I have, so I can adjust my brain accordingly.

I think and hope.

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