The New Year and its Prospects


I am starting to get my May 2011 planned out. A little visit to San Francisco for a conference, where I hope to be working behind the scenes, and have already told a friend also attending (and recently single) that he’s welcome to stay with me at my time share in Nob Hill; then a week of visiting friends and family; and then, a music festival in George, Washington. Yes, Sasquatch tickets are now on sale for the Memorial Day Weekend, and it has morphed into a four day festival. Only one band has been announced so far, but I have always liked the variety, and the special emphasis on the regional bands has always had me hooked. Plus, the camping is great, with free showers and a decent hike to and from the venue, and if bored, the backdrop to the mainstage is breathtaking. I’ve always had good fellow camp site mates and good luck finding fellow riders to travel with, so it’s really a no-brainer and no risk to go, regardless of the bands playing.

And yesterday, the day of turkey and thanks, I was with my sister and niece down in San Diego. Well, in the hills above Lakeside, east of San Diego, at the annual dinner the intentional community my sister lives with holds. It’s quite a large group of people, some couple dozen and their guests. My sister mentioned that her daughter, fresh from her first semester at college during Christmas, will be visiting her father in Philadelphia, so my sister will be at loose ends. She’s thinking of coming up to LA and visiting me and friends, and then maybe we could take a road trip to Las Vegas? How about she and I go to Vegas and do Christmas Eve and Day there? Should be kinda cheap, as most people have families to go visit. (Not like we don’t either, but really, do these SoCal acclimatedsisters really want to go visit snow covered, below freezing Montana in the middle of the winter? NO! The trip to Montana will be included in May, or early June, trust me, when the snow has melted and it is above freezing again.)

I told her to give me a head’s up as to when she would like to go to Vegas for sure, as I would be arranging my schedule to meet with my students during the week, so I would be sure to make it so we could go for a few days with no conflicts.

What else? My special f*buddy was texting me today, and the truth finally came out why he only tries to get ahold of me during the day, (when he finally wakes up and I’m usually on my way to work) – he finds my neighborhood scary at night time. I pooh-poohed his fears, stating at least he doesn’t get solicited under the assumption he’s a hooker. Then I remembered, he’s from the dirtiest city in Canada, and it holds no candle in comparison to the grittiness of American cities. I can understand his fears being legitimate, even if I find them baseless. And I definitely didn’t grow up in a city, so maybe that’s why I’m not frightened? Though he only lives in a slightly better neighborhood somewhere in Hollywood, so I’ll just shut up. So of course I suggested he just make plans in advance. Would solve the whole problem. But what’s the fun of being FB if it’s not spontaneous? I told him I could pencil him in my schedule on Monday or Wednesday mornings, but of course there was no response to that suggestion. End of texting at that point. Fine, I had to go work.

And my sister’s boyfriend of the last 5+ years? They are no longer a couple, I found out, though they continue to live at the same ranch, as I returned a book I had borrowed last Thanksgiving, he having correctly predicted it would be next Thanksgiving before I returned it. He and my sister have both lost weight, as often is the case after a break up. He mentioned he lost 30 pounds, as he bantered with me. Last year, he had mentioned in passing that if he weren’t with my sister, he found me pretty attractive. (Go figure, we are sisters. My sister is the thinner version of myself. Or, I am the curvier version of her.) The comment, at the time, had made me uncomfortable, particularly since my sister happened to not be in the room when it was made. It also made me uncomfortable since I have always been attracted to him. He’s fun, funny, cute, looks good in a beard, is young, musically talented, and has been working hard on his path as a musician. He had a number one dance hit in Croatia one year, as he found out when he started receiving royalties for it. And his family lives in Oregon. No wonder I like him. Even oblivious me noticed the lost weight, and I also noticed him sitting with some other female at another table this Thanksgiving. But when we were washing and drying dishes, I heard her mention a husband and a baby, so maybe they are merely friends, both involved in the community, since she knew where enough of the dishes went. We talked movies and books and then on to music, and it was all rather flirty between us, as the woman friend walked back and forth, putting things away, as did my sister. He told me his plans for going on tour, that he would be performing at SXSW this coming year, and had a lead for playing an after party at Coachella, and some friends who already have a booking agent were asking him to come play with them when they toured. His stated goal was to go to as many festivals as possible without having to pay….. I told him that when he knew if he were going to Coachella to let me know, as I could book a place out in Indio for him to stay. As I left and he gave me a hug, and then another one because I was fishing through my purse during both attempts, I handed him the item I had been looking for: my business card so he could get ahold of me. My sister was standing right beside me during this.

I know, I’m bad.

Or am I? She had her chance, they had a good run, they are done. I also live 140 miles away, and he’s a full time student, while I work 7 days a week, so it’s not like anything is going to happen. At least not until the festival season starts, then all bets are off. And here I was thinking of going to South by SouthWest this year. Hm.

No, I’ll admit it, I’m just bad.

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