Walks in LA, Day 1

Supposedly I am training for the Los Angeles Marathon. I haven’t paid for my entry fee yet, but I am trying to exercise more often.

So I am walking.

Some days I take my phone with me, some days I don’t. Some days I take pictures, and some days I don’t.

One of the things I love of about LA is there is always something new to be discovered. Not just because things are constantly changing, but because there is just so damn much of it!

So it was today. But I get ahead of myself.

Day 1 was Silverlake Reservoir. I walked around twice. That’s a good 4 miles. I get to see dogs play in the big and little separate dog parks, or being walked around the reservoir with their owners. The sky was magnificent, and I could see the mountains in the distance. Wish I had my camera. Oh well. Coffee destination: Intelligentsia in Silverlake, of course.

Day 2 I did have my phone, so I could take pictures. Here are a few:

I love days like this, where the day takes a while to burn of the moisture in the day. It means I can go for my morning walk and not worry about getting burnt.

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Today’s coffee destination was Spring for Coffee, my downtown coffee spot. I can only go and linger at one of its six seats out front on days I walk there, because on street parking downtown is $3 an hour! This sign was from LA Cafe, which has now been open 24/7  for the last year since New Year’s, and I stopped at afterwards, because then I got hungry. I have recently discovered and appreciate fried egg sandwiches. I ordered one, and added cheese. Brie? Bad choice. I ended scraping it all off, it just tasted bitter and awful with the tomatoes, mayo and egg. Word to the wise.

Then I walked the trek home. On the way back, I saw a few sights, such as this one:

Secret Garden Entrance?

This was part of some hanging vines covering the base of an overpass for the 110 freeway. The rest of the vines, but this section seemed to have been cut, as if someone needed to get behind them, or needed them to build a really big nest, or something. If there’s a door there, it wasn’t visible from the other side of the chain link fence I was standing behind.

And then, past a school playground and at the corner of the sidewalk, I saw this lonely sight, an abandoned toy.

Island of Lost Toys

It just made me think of the island of Lost Toys, you know, from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer story. Do you think this toy was reclaimed and continued to be played with, or perhaps got kicked into the street and run over definitively?

That was yesterday’s walk, photo-documentary style.

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