Of Note

So before the adventure in Glendora, I had put myself in the queue to buy a ticket off the Burning Man website. They officially went on sale Wednesday at 10 am, but I was busy at that time, so I started at about 12:30. I was nearly 3o,000th in line, and it was going down about 6 transactions per minute, it seemed on average. Yikes!

When I left for work, I just left it running, figuring by the time I returned in five hours, I should be through the line and ready to purchase my ticket.

Little did I know I would be back 24 hours later. And to my surprise, I could still purchase a ticket! I was not sad that the lowest tier had already sold out, as I had not planned on purchasing at that level. The $240 tickets were now the cheapest ones, and that’s what I bought. One, for me. I did not intend to have a repeat of last year when my friend bought and then had to re-sell our tickets so he could pay rent when he got laid off. Nope, this time I would buy my ticket, and therefore not have a chance of losing it due to someone else’s finances.

Of course, when I first set out to buy my ticket, I wasn’t expecting a large car repair in addition.

And tomorrow, well, Coachella tickets go on sale. And guess who’s playing that I have always secretly wanted to see (and I could now without seeming too much like a groupie because their prime was years ago….)? 

Duran Duran.

And Big Audio Dynamite.

And a few other bands I like too. But those I would like to see, happy memories of singing their songs oh so many years ago….

Or last week, as the case may be.


Oh the summer festival season has begun. Let the festival ticket purchasing begin!

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