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It’s been a while since I posted. There was the computer fiasco, where the cat somehow managed to re-orient the screen to reading upright to the left, rather than upright in landscape like usual. Took calling a techie friend to figure out how to reset my computer. It certainly wasn’t an option in the display settings of the control panel that I could find. My friend just started punching random keys, assuming the random spacing of paws would have had to have done the work.

The cat is frequently opening the computer to random websites, resetting settings, turning it off. He likes his butt to be warm, what can I say? I never know what I will come home to.

So today, I was thinking about working on a novel I had set aside for the last decade, ideas of what to do with it flowing as I took my morning constitutional. Like it was finally time, the emotional charge that used to be so debilitating when I tried to edit it might finally be gone. So I thought I would like to do a playlist of songs to listen to while working on it to get in the mood. I actually have thoughts of turning it into a movie, so I have specific moodscapes I think would set the tone for the different scenes. In terms of it being a movie, I also have certain color schemes for the different parts of the movie, as the character grows and expands. (Or dies and is reborn, as the case is.)

This is all in my head of course. So a playlist, like the mixtapes I used to make, seemed in order. Yeah, late to the party technologically, as usual. First playlist, after having iTunes for years.

I carefully chose my songs based on key word searches like BLOOD, BLEEDING, VAMPIRES, LUST, DYING…. you get the idea. Some are funny, like I figure Pete Townsend’s “Give Blood” can be playing as a radio commercial for the Red Cross to increase blood donations, while the heroine is stuck in Los Angeles traffic. Things like that. I want my serious blood and sex filled movie to have notes of humor and continuity, like Robocop did with its fake ads and newscasters. Suzanne Vega’s “Blood Makes Noise” plays when the stalker vampire is checking out his new target. I even managed to work some favorite artists into the mix with the help of their titles, like Radiohead’s “We suck Young Blood,” The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” and Nine Inch Nail’s “The Four of Us are Dying.” 

I have actually been thinking of this playlist for quite awhile, but this was the first cut of it. There are other songs I know belong on it that have shocked me when I am listening on my iPod, the completely synchronistic fit with the mood and sentiment I am trying to evoke. But they don’t have the word blood or death in them. I will find them again. This playlist may take a year or two to completely flesh out, and as the re-writing of it changes the moods, so shall the songs. It will be fun.

But, what I wanted to say, was as easy as the playlist was to create, when I went and opened it, despite having created exactly the order in which I wanted to put the songs in, and having selected them in exactly that order, when I opened it, it was alphabetical by artist. Crap. What was the point of putting them in the order I wanted?

I looked up how to make a playlist on several websites, and none of them talked about exactly ordering them. Apparently, I’m just supposed to be happy with this mood of music in any old order. Uh, no.

Sometimes I am disappointed with Apple products. As intuitive as it is supposed to be, I find some of the most basic things I want to be doing to not be easily found nor intuitive. It took reading yet another website talking about changing the order of the songs for me to finally find there was yet another listing order I had missed. Ahh, now they were all in the proper order. I want the heavy, ponderous music of Ministry, Godsmack, Queens of the Stone Age to all come in a cluster, not be confused with the turning point mood of the narrative created by the songs of Radiohead, Tori Amos and a new band I’ve discovered called Le Verita. And of course, at the very end, Johnny Cash stands alone with “Flesh and Blood.”

Such a range of music. What a great playlist! Now I can get to writing and re-writing, since I have the perfect moods for the various scenes. Yay.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Individual people think about approaching problems so differently, I’m not sure it’s possible to truly make software intuitive for everyone. You usually just make it natural and familiar to people already in the mindset of what intuitive software is supposed to be like…

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