Hello March, we meet again….

How did it get to be March?

Strangely enough, my planning is currently for the end of May and early June. Another trip planned, time for the annual visit to the folks, via a conference in San Francisco, and a music festival or two along the way. And friends and former family too.

But who knows, that’s months away. I am trying to get my students complete before the deadline I have for my travels begin, a couple of weeks earlier than the actual deadline. But hey, I’m the one creating the schedule, it will happen.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten another couple of jobs on my plate. All vastly underpaying me, but I’m taking them for the potential of future, larger jobs they both have prospects for, and in addition, have prospects for future at home working, not commuting to the job site as is current. So, maybe no one will notice if I take off for a few weeks, if I get the work done during that time. Maybe I can even live a few months with the folks on a regular basis. One can but hope I can make it work.

But wait, that wasn’t what I wanted to post about. And since I have been so negligent in my posting, I might as well make the new topic its own post.

But before I do that, can I just say what a crazy sleep schedule I have right now? I typically wake up every night somewhere in the 3 – 5 am range, wide awake. The last time in my life that happened, I was psychically linked to someone, and it meant they were thinking about me. I even know it as a fact, because often a minute or two later, he would call and ask if his calling woke me, and I could honestly say no, as I was wide awake from his thinking of me. I used to get mad at him, because some nights he would think better of calling me, but he had still woken me with his thinking about me. I’d even ask him, to verify he had thought about it. Sure enough. I would tell him he might as well call, he had already woken me up.

Anyway, I wonder who is thinking about me so regularly now, that it wakes me up most nights. And it doesn’t matter when I go to sleep. I usually check email, read twitter, maybe even play some solitaire if I still can’t fall asleep. Of course I don’t get out of bed and do anything useful. That would be silly. I wait for the alarm to tell me when to do that.

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