Story Time!

Here’s one of my little snippets, that keeps me in practice, so I can say I wrote something recently…..

Based on the following suggested words: Guadalupe (when I was searching for the word Guadalahara), bananas, and Jackalope.


Guadalupe sat under the banana tree, taking in the breezes of Guadalahara, as she looked down upon it from her mountain perch above. She was thinking of Jackalopes.

Jackalopes did not exist, she knew, and yet, it would seem as though one were living in her back yard. She had seen the rump of a rabbit nibbling on the lettuce in her little kitchen garden, gone out with a broom to startle it, and when its head lifted up when she had the broom high overhead to swat the ground behind its rump, the rabbit lifted its head and she stopped in mid-lift, mouth hanging open, at the sight of the enormous rack of antlers on its head. The jackalope gave her a look, as if to say “Yeah, I know, you think you must be hallucinating,” and bent its head back down to continue nibbling the tasty tender greens, taking full advantage of her befuddlement.

Guadalupe lowered her broom and collapsed in a heap on the ground. But Jackalopes are a myth. If Jackalopes exist, then does that mean that other myths were true too? What of the Chupa Cabra, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster and those other creatures people swore they saw, just couldn’t actually prove having seen?

Proof! She needed proof. She reached into her pocket and realized her phone with its camera was still on the kitchen table, as she was waiting for a call, and had grabbed the broom and headed out the back door without grabbing the phone. Now if she got up to get it, would the jackalope still be there when she returned?

She got up slowly, as the jackalope cast one eye in her direction, while still eating, and eased her way back to the house. When she returned stealthily with the camera, the jackalope was gone.

So it had gone for the next few days. She had given up on saving the lettuce, as it seemed to be his enticement to return, and she was willing to sacrifice it if only she could get a decent picture of him. But she never knew when to expect him and always found herself without her camera. She was running out of lettuce.

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