Random Shots

All words and no visuals makes a boring blog.

Here, have a photo or two!

Brick Obama

and the companion piece, on the opposite wall of the opposing building over the parking lot:

Brick Imelda

At least I think it’s Imelda, ya know the famous shoe lover. The large black thing on her right lip is “an architectural feature” of the building, i.e., nothing the artist could do about a pipe sticking straight out.
These are on Spring Street in downtown LA. One day, they were just there. One of those days where I hadn’t been downtown for a month or at least a good few weeks. So much changes down there, I never know what’s happening if I don’t visit once a week or so.
Oh, and another Obama:

Obama was once a Boy...

Have no idea what sort of statement this poster is supposed to be making, but saw it one day in Silverlake, on Sunset at the intersection near Millie’s Cafe, with the light that takes forever to give pedestrians a chance to cross. So good placement at least, as one waits a long time to cross, and has plenty of time to take in the street art….

One Response to “Random Shots”

  1. Carol Elaine Says:

    Obama as Urkel? Well, Obama is a bit of a nerd/geek, so maybe the artist is tapping into that.


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