It Was a Brilliant Idea….

So I had this brilliant idea, and had discussed it with a couple of friends, and they were game if I was willing.

This weekend is Coachella, and I knew when tickets went on sale that I would be working,  so didn’t bother getting a ticket. I haven’t gone for a couple years, conflicts or lack of money or what have you. But when the line up was announced, I saw an option. There were two bands playing on Sunday that if I could get out of tutorings early enough, might be worth the drive.

It used to be that even without a ticket, you could park in the free surrounding parking lots and just chill. I had done it myself, when I found the heat too much, and the idea of going in too early to broil for hours sounded unappealing. I would find some shade (someone’s parked SUV) and chill drinking water. Other people would eagerly park and then pull out the grill and drinks and do a tailgate party. This makes sense, since you can’t bring alcohol or food in, might as well fill up before entering and not be forced to spend a fortune. And if you got close enough to the entrance (again, until you pass the gates, you were allowed to), you could hear easily any bands playing on stages facing the gates. You could even walk around the venue and stand behind other stages and catch their sounds.

I had this idea back when Rage Against the Machine was the closing Sunday act, and I had to flee because of a migraine, the lights and noise just making me want to curl up and cry. I escaped to the parking lot, found my car and spent a long time trying to find an exit. And the sounds of the band? Just awesome, no problem. I wasn’t missing much by not being in the venue.

So I thought about it again last night, called the friends I had discussed it with and said I was willing if they were, I just needed to know before 9 so I could arrange my students today to make it work.

One friend called back to tell me it was a brilliant idea, and she herself was out there, having sold her ticket but kept the reservation at the condo she and her boyfriend always stayed at, and they were having a nice little vacation. The problem was, she reported, was that her friends who were going were telling her security was being an absolute nightmare, and no one was getting within a mile of the venue without the three day weekend wrist bands.

So my plan was no longer viable under the current circumstances. Bummer. Would have worked fine three years ago. But I was glad to know it before setting out on the trip. I would have been annoyed to find my perfect plan didn’t work.

Of course, there was always the option of possibly buying someone’s wrist band who was leaving early, as I want to see bands starting at 7 tonight. I have tiny wrists, and can frequently squeeze one on that someone else has worn. And who wouldn’t want to make some money on something already spent and enjoyed?

But no, I chose the responsible route. Sometimes it sucks to be responsible.

Oh, and it being the end of tax season, I do still have a few hours worth of work on a reconciliation I need to do so that estimated taxes can be filed for the first quarter of 2011. Again, choosing to be responsible. New job and all, and seeing as I haven’t asked yet about taking the vacation I have planned for the end of May, I don’t want there to be any complaints about me being responsible.  Want to get through the current rush/crisis of tax season before even bringing it up.

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