Geeky Love

Today, I walked into a store and bought something.

Didn’t put it on layaway, didn’t make a down, paid full price for something that was at a relatively cheap list price.

It was a netbook, similar to the one I have been issued through my tutoring, and need to return shortly, contract ending, thus why I am interested in replacing it. I have grown fond of having it.

And then, on an impulse, I bought something else. I had seen it in the store on a previous visit, but hadn’t been able to find the actual product on the shelf for me to buy. This time I asked, and was handed it, along with the offer of a 15% discount. Sure. Something bought on impulse, and given to me below list? Okay, that’s a clincher for a deal on an impulse. No second thoughts allowed there.

I bought a new keyboard.

I wanted one, because I want a ten key on the side. My laptop does not have a 10 key on the side. And since I am doing accounting while at the home computer, having a 10 key seems like a worthwhile investment, to help me save time and get work done quicker. And, the keyboard being wireless would be nice too, along with a more ergonomic friendly keypad in general. And then I saw this one.

Logistics is the brand, the manufacturer of my wireless mouse that I bought with my laptop. This keyboard is set up the same, you stick a USB stick into a port, it talks to the mouse or the keyboard, no wires, all is good. In fact, it is supposed to work with more than one wireless device with the cool mini-stick it came with, presumably no problem for the mouse I already have.

It has ergonomically contoured keys, is ultra light and thin, and came packaged in an eco-friendly box and packing material, all cardboard and soy inks. Not a selling point for me.

But, the reason this keyboard is listed at nearly eighty dollars is how it is powered. It is solar powered. And, it doesn’t even need to be sunlight, but any light. The claim on the box is that even if it sat in total darkness for three months, it would still work. (But without light, how would you see this black and sexy keypad?) But the third month plus a day, it would need light to repower. (Of course, I am tempted to test this.)

It has a supposedly secure wireless transmission frequency, so no one can steal the info I am typing. And it has quite a range. My computer sits on a desk in my living room, the farthest east my apartment is. I can type (without seeing the screen) while in my dark windowless bedroom to the west, and sitting in my bathroom to the east and south, all with walls in between the keyboard and screen/USB receiver.

Is it possible to be in love with a keyboard? I do believe it is.

When I got home, it was the keyboard I cracked open to immediately play with, thinking I could take it with me tomorrow morning to my two jobs, and be happy because the feel of my keyboard at both jobs will be consistent, rather than having to adjust each day at each job.

The netbook? Still in its eco friendly box, seal unbroken. Reminds me of the kid at Christmas time, playing with the wrapper and the box, rather than the actual toy they contained.

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