On a Lighter Note…

Picture time!

F*ck You, I'm Batman....

Me and Mom in St. Augustine, FL

My mom randomly mentions a trip we took to Florida, and references it as if I should remember it. I of course do not, seeing as I was a wee 6 months or a little less old. And here is proof, that is me. No wonder I have no recollection!

Happy Me


 And here I am, about three years later. Unruly hair, a penchant for the color red in my wardrobe, off on an adventure. Wow, some things just don’t change.
While visiting my parents in Montana just last week, my project was to work on scanning some of the ba-zillions of slides my dad has taken and putting them into digital format. I managed to get through almost two photo albums with two days’ worth of work. The revelation for me was finding so many photos of us as a happy family, complete with smiles on our faces.
School photos and family photo albums give little hint of this side of our family life, as somehow our parents always chose to print out the pictures of us looking extremely serious. Or unhappy, the famous photo my mom loved of me right after I had been crying my heart out. Sure, the lighting was great, but that as a lasting image of my childhood? No wonder I so easily think I have been depressed my entire life!
But look at this: Happy! Happy me! There was once a happy childhood back in my misty past….
And here’s the proof.

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