Once Upon a Time….

For some reason, I have a bug up my butt, and have been watching the TV series “Charmed” incessantly*. Never used to watch it when it aired, have only seen a few episodes here and there on re-runs, and only was interested once my brother made a passing reference to following it himself. I thought I would give it a try. And all 8 seasons are presently available on Netflix.

Well, once the character of Cole Turner was introduced, and his epic, tormented love for Phoebe, as a demon, as a mortal, as the ultimate evil, the Source, banned to purgatory Wastelands, escaped because of his undying love, with ever expanding powers, yada, yada, yada… I was hooked. And I got to thinking:

What sort of love is this? He never gives up. He is addicted. He is manipulative and controlling in all his efforts to resist her/ gain her/gain her back, convince her of his love, it is what drives him in all his actions. Got to admire him for it, if not condone his actions.

It’s very appealing as a storyline. Who hasn’t loved someone that wasn’t right for them, damn the consequences? Most of us don’t end up the Queen of the Underworld as a result, but we all know that good girl attraction for bad boys is real. And obviously the converse is true too, or else there would be no bad boys to fall for.

Before his 46th episode, an entire storyline was developing that was picked up in later seasons. Would it have redeemed him if he had taken on the same struggle another character later did? What had the writers originally intended for the character of Cole Turner, if the actor Julian McMahon hadn’t started working on other projects (i.e. a starring role in Nip/Tuck)?

Alas, at 46 episodes, he anti-climactically got written out of the story line.  I kept expecting for him to come back. I wanted his love to conquer all, for him to be rewarded for his tenacity, his blinders of focus for only one woman. One more episode had him guest appearing, but it didn’t really add anything. Not really. A little hope, and nothing further developed in the storyline. Not developed further because then Julian was working on Fantastic Four in addition to Nip/Tuck? Alas… what further might have happened?

One friend is a bit bemused by my endless analysis of all this.

And then I realized, it is research. In my continuing quest to make my vampire novel unique and still tell a story that hasn’t been covered by other writers who got their product out AFTER I had my idea but before I have gotten mine published, I am now re-working my heroine as in part, evil. Can an evil character be sympathetic, hold the reader’s interest?

I think Cole Turner of Charmed points to yes. There is hope for my evil heroine.

*Incessantly=8 years of 22 episodes per season, at least, at approximately 42 minutes an episode (not counting the credits I skip) = 120 hours of nearly constant episode watching when not at work…. Yeah, that’s incessant. Why is it that I’m not meeting anyone new again?

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