If you’ve been reading my tweets, the word smitten came up recently. Still true. My object of smittenness and I now have plans to meet up for Christmas, watch a couple of his favorite Christmas movies. Sounds home-y. He owns the movies, but they are back in his home country/city/elsewhere. So we need to figure out how to get our hands on them in time for Christmas. They are not streaming on Netflix, I checked.

Of course, still clueless if barking up an unavailable tree, or an uninterested tree or what, but we have had coffee twice these weekday mornings. We walk and talk. It’s been fun to get to know one another.

Not only have I been getting exercise as a result, actually going to bed and trying to wake up early for our meets (he wakes up at 5:30 every morning!) but I’ve been writing poetry again.

Smitten I say! If nothing else, the excess of energy, motivation and interest in life have been excellent enough benefits, in addition to having a new friend, that whether the smittenness is mutual or not, does it really matter?

Here’s today’s offering:

I remember why/

early morns have no appeal/

when cold/

outside my cave of covers/

I’d rather snuggle warmth!

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