New Year’s Rez

Ya know, it’s that time, the time for the new year’s resolutions.

I have a plan, I have structure, I have reason to be motivated.

The plan: lose some weight. 45 pounds to be precise.

The structures:

  1. morning boot camp! begins tomorrow. lasts a month. I went and checked the location out today, while the sun was shining, because I need to be there at 6 am, when the sun don’t shine.
  2. buddy system! my walking partner for Saturdays also signed up, so I have reason to show up and not just stay in bed like I may want. don’t want to bail on her.
  3. fitted clothes! no more 100% stretchy fabrics so I have no idea what size I am, where my body is bulging. already went and bought some new outfits this last week, and was amazed at what sizes I had to buy. but they are not stretchy. apparently they are even flattering, given the looks and advances I have been getting this week.
  4. questions: am i still hungry? do i feel full? wearing fitted clothes helps me realize that the meal’s bulge is enough, i don’t need to go any further. doesn’t work to unzip a skirt in public.
  5. scale! I went and bought a digital kitchen scale. One friend of mine who recently lost a noticeable amount of weight told me the only change he made was he weighed everything he ate so he was really concious of his portion control. nothing else was different. Another friend who also told me her recent weight loss story, merely stopped eating dinner and eliminated dairy from her diet. I don’t really eat dinner myself, but I could eliminate the late-night-when-I-get-home-grazing I do. I am also considering not doing the morning mochas for the next month. Considering, I say. Haven’t decided to commit to it yet. I do get almond milk for my mochas instead when it’s an option.
  6. oatmeal! I have heard it from a million people, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day, blah blah blah,” but I’m just not hungry when I wake up. But a friend gave me his remaining oatmeal when he left the country, and I took it to work, so after my morning workout, I have oatmeal to look forward to to start the day. I think I can manage that. There’s even hot water out of the office water cooler. Comforts of home.
  7. No time! I just worked out my schedule for every day and night until the end of June, and besides not scheduling any work for Sunday nights, I just don’t have time to eat that often, ya know?
  8. Finances! I need to be saving some money here, and just not eating out would make a huge dent in my available cash flow, in addition to getting rid of the ritual (and expensive) morning mocha.

The motivation: oh the many reasons! the basics: to feel better about myself, to have more energy, to fit into more of the clothes in my very extensive wardrobe that I currently don’t fit into, to ensure my health by being my ideal adult healthy weight, to impress someone, to cause envy of someone else (cause mischief), to generally have my physical appearance match my mental image of myself, etc, etc, etc. Ya know, the usual reasons, yadda yadda.

The cool thing is the reason I have picked the weight I want to get to is I know I can do it. I was nearly there when I went off to Europe, back in December of 2003. That was less than a decade ago. So I know it’s doable. The weight I think is ideal is because I used to be that weight for more than a decade of my adult life, with no effort maintaining it. Then I moved to LA and got a real corporate job, and I stress-ate to deal with it. Quit the boyfriend and lost a bunch of weight. (Couldn’t sleep, found myself walking a lot to do something with the nights.) Went to visit Europe. New stresses. Same boyfriend in my life again. Weight went back up. Quit the job AND the boyfriend again, lost a bunch of weight again. Up, down, up, down. Right now, I am nearly to the same incredible, horrible weight I was once before, but feeling quite different about it. Feeling a lot more balanced in my insane life of three+ jobs and working every day of the week. I just feel in more control of my life, my finances, my choices. This is what I am doing to get by, right now, and it’s working, and things will get better soon, because I won’t put up with this insanity for too much longer. I have an internal clock, and it says things will be changing soon, for the better. And I believe it.

Another cool thing is I know exactly how to maintain my weight, once I get to whatever weight I get to. I walk. I walk a couple of miles, three or four times a week. Can be totally flat walking, doesn’t need to be strenuous, it just needs to be consistent. End of story. My weight maintenance plan.

And I just heard an interview with someone talking about weight and financial changes, and they suggested doing something drastic to start with so that you are motivated to continue on the path that will get you to your desired goal. When you see a result in the first few weeks, you are more likely to continue with the changes, even if the later weeks are less drastic. By then it becomes a habit. So the boot camp is my drastic jump start to get me going, and then all the other little changes will start to make a showing.

Yay, I love a well crafted plan. Pretty good for just a bunch of random decisions being put together towards the same goal, isn’t it?

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