Domestic Affairs

In addition to the new exercise regime, I have been trying to do exactly that which I said I was going to do: a little bit of cleaning a day.

Last night I came home and finally figured out why my bathroom sink was taking forever to drain. At last! Now I could clean my sink and have it sparkly clean. There had been no point when it took 15 minutes to drain anytime I used it. I had tried drain cleaner, more than once, with no luck. Turns out there was a huge wad of hair at the very top of the plunger to plug the sink hole closed.

Strange, since most of it looked like the cat’s hair. I don’t brush my hair at that sink, I just wash my face, my teeth and my hands there. Where had all this hair come from?

Anyway, sink’s clean, drain was never not working properly, no plumber needed. One of the joys of home ownership is that every time you figure out a way to not involve a professional and spending money not in the budget, is another home owner victory!

This morning saw the cat’s box cleaned (doesn’t count in my tally as it is a weekly task), not a major deal and I took all the holiday/thank you/and family update letters off the back of my front door. They had been this very nice reminder of people in my life right before I walked out into the world each and every day, but they were all from the past.

My boss at work told me she has a dream board on the back of her front door – reminding her of what she wants to create in life right before she leaves the sanctity of home. I really like that idea, so that is what will be going up. At least now it is clear to create that. The end of the hallway is a little brighter, now that the white of the door has been revealed. Not as cluttered looking, even though it was strictly visual clutter.

Plenty more to do, but progress is happening.

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