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Growing Transit Alternatives in LA

July 25, 2009

A recent press release from Metro, the local transit authority here in LA, suggests a high speed train from downtown to Anaheim may soon be a reality in the next decade. Suggested time from downtown Los Angeles’  Union Station to Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center Station would be a mere 20 minutes, something you just can’t do under normal freeway traffic conditions. Read here for further details.

Now the question I ask, is does this give an unfair advantage to being an Angels fan? Is this an Angels conspiracy? If I can get to Anaheim from my apartment in something less than an hour for an Angels game, but am still reliant on buses or the current guaranteed parking lot gridlock of going to see a Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium approximately 3 miles from me, guess which one I would choose to go to? Maybe I should consider riding my bike. Or walking, that hill up to the stadium is rather steep.

It has been brought up before, by others, that something LA lacks is easy access to Dodger Stadium, like any other self respecting internationally renowned team has. Do you think that in Chicago you can’t get to Wrigley Field via the El? Or that you can’t get to Yankee Stadium (old or new) in New York City on the subway? I know, these are East Coast (and Midwest) ideals, and Los Angeles is a West Coast city. But that hasn’t stopped Seattle, San Francisco or Portland from having excellent public transportation, such that one can easily live in any of those cities without a car, and get anywhere you need to go. Including the stadiums of all their important home teams. LA, a little trickier, but with a well planned home base, and a well planned life around the Metro, it can be done.

Why do you think I bought a place a mere two blocks from a subway station in LA? News like this that tells me I could soon easily get to Orange County without a car (I actually already can, using Metrolink, but this would be way faster!)  just makes me thrilled to pieces. It also might make my home worth a little more, especially when the oil industry eventually collapses!