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Let the Pictures Do the Talking

August 6, 2009

I’m just gonna be lazy here, and link to some beautiful photographs that I did not take, but wish I had! Some of it had to do with I was not there to take these photos, so there you go.

Graffiti in the Bowery, by Os Gemeos. Can you really call this graffiti? So the canvas is on a wall. And they will be taking it down sometime in March, so it has a limited viewing life, just like an exhibit. (Why? Why can’t it stay, so obviously a thing of beauty?) I would have gone and seen it if I had known about it, as the photos don’t seem to give the full effect…. Click on the photo slideshow here.

All right, I give up. Somehow my host during my visit to Ithaca has managed to post four times on his blog since my arrival, but myself, not able to post but this once to other people’s writing! C’est la vie!

I was looking for the fabulous links to All Points West professional photographs, but now I can’t find them quickly. Later, next week, when I get back to Los Angeles, and can report on it and Lollapalooza both.