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Downtown LA, Dead Again

May 12, 2009

In my recent quest for a decent mocha in downtown LA, (ignoring the at least four Starbucks I knew I passed by) I was happy to note that downtown is not so radically changed that it isn’t just plain dead on a Sunday late afternoon/early evening. No artsy artists at their work in converted storefronts, blinds drawn for all to see, just shuttered doorways and storefronts with the rolling metal complete armor, no signs of life but a gusty wind blowing paper and debris. Just like I remember it being not too many years ago. Except there were still well dressed people out walking their dogs, (they may have been in just T-shirts and jeans, but they were expensive T-shirts and jeans, mind you!) something you didn’t see a decade ago.

So if I am feeling like things have changed too much too quickly, I need only wander down after 5 on a Sunday to get that feeling of abandonment and dereliction formerly so pervasive. Just so long as I avoid anyplace near Olympic and the Staples Center / Nokia Live area. It too may be deserted, but it is hard to feel like it is derelict and abandoned with the bright illuminated billboards, booming sound system and the restless search lights. Temporarily asleep from a lack of people, but they probably just haven’t finished whatever event they are inside watching.

To say nothing of the fact I wandered into a place clearly marked Cafe that was open to ask if they served a mocha, and was told no. Espressos and capuccinos, yes, mochas, no. They had no chocolate with which to make it. And this was not the first place I have noticed that I can’t get a mocha, despite the fact that I think if you are going to the effort of pulling espresso shots and steaming milk, having chocolate available for a mocha seems a likely option to have available for the odd customer who might want it. Just like I like my alcoholic drinks disguised as fruity drinks, I like my coffee drinks disguised as chocolate!

Needless to say, I am contemplating opening a place that ONLY serves mochas, [“mochas, MOCHAS, MOCHAS!“] in retaliation. [“No, we have no stinkin’ lattes! Yes we could make them, but we REFUSE TO! Take that!”] And back to business ideas, obviously there is still room for a place that is in downtown and can offer a mocha, at the oh so late hour of 7 pm on a Sunday. In the area of market research, I have determined there is still room for at least one more cafe that is open at that hour in downtown. And remember, according to the rules of the game of this blog, if you end up opening that business, I ask you to please donate at least 1% of your proceeds (off the top, before expenses (I did learn something from working with legal contracts in show business!)) directly to me for giving you this idea. It only seems fair.