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Outside Lands Festival Lineup Announcement Monday

April 10, 2009

How is it that a festival not taking place until the end of August (August 28-30 is Outside Lands in San Francisco) can announce its lineup in four short days, while a festival taking place three weeks earlier (August 7-9 is Lollapalooza in Chicago) still won’t announce its lineup until a week and a day after then?

And come on, if Jane’s Addiction is rumored to be headlining (not difficult, considering Lolla is Jane’s Addiction’s front man Perry Farrell’s baby) and Jane’s Addiction is touring this summer with Nine Inch Nails, calling themselves the NIN/JA tour, what do you suppose the chances are that Nine Inch Nails might also make an appearance at Lollapalooza? I’m just guessing, but that seems kinda likely, don’t ya think?

But in the meantime, we will have to wait for the official announcement.