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New Music

June 4, 2009

Oh, hearkening back to what I heard while at Sasquatch. Here’s Other Lives, who doesn’t have very many videos available on youtube. All I could find were slow songs, and really, they do more energetic too.

There was also BLK JKS from South Africa whom I also greatly enjoyed. Again, one song often does not show why they are great, but here goes. In performance, I loved watching the drummer’s hair do its own thing, as the fat dreads bounced and swayed like happy worms on his head, a Medusa-like effect.

And finally, Jets Overhead, who I will be seeing soon at Bonnaroo. This was the band I saw in Victoria, who is from Victoria. Oh look, the video was shot in Canada, note the Canadian railway cars.

Hope this added to your listening pleasure. Today is travel day to Bozeman, another great University town here in Montana, complete with great music venues to cater to the college crowd.

Victoria, BC

June 1, 2009

I am laying low in Victoria. The ferry ride, despite small looking waves, was a little more rocky than I expected. Still able to read a book though, if I occassionally had to take a moment to seek out the horizon.

There is nothing on the agenda here, other than to relax. My friend I am visiting leads a quiet life, early rising, feed the cat, on the computer, off to work, home, on the computer, see what’s on the TV for the 8 pm movie, bed. Repeat. I am an obvious disruption, as I ask a lot of questions about Victoria that he just doesn’t know the answers to. Like where the night clubs are, who plays good music, is the castle within city limits worth visiting, how about Butchart Gardens? He doesn’t know. He just lives here because he works here; he has not taken the city on as his home, to be explored and cherished. If he could not live in a city, he would be happier. Less people to interact with would be even better.

In fact, he reminds me a lot of my brother’s attitudes towards living in a city. I personally find it sad, since I view a city as just as worthy of exploration as a forest to hike. But I have to remember that not everyone is looking for interesting things to see and do, adventures to be able to write about. Some people actually crave sameness and predictability. I do to a certain extent, like my seeking out coffee places with wi-fi in whatever city I go to, and warmth when sleeping, but beyond that, I can adapt. If it means not eating, I don’t eat. But then again, what motivates me to seek interesting things is my fear of being perceived as dull. It spurs me to do something rather than nothing.

My friend can tell me that with 5,000 bicycle commuters, Victoria has the largest bicycle commuting population of any Canadian city. Explains all the bicycle shops I keep passing. Doesn’t explain all the churches I keep seeing. Beautiful buildings, but tons of them.

Church on Quadra in Victoria

Church on Quadra in Victoria

I am staying in a part of Victoria known as Quadra Village, an area surrounding a street named, you guessed it, Quadra! My host tells me it used to be crackhead central a few years ago, but is now cleaned up. He drew me a little map of the area, and even showed where the crackheads now reside, if I choose to go visit.

Today I have the place to myself. He had other plans, and so I get to feed his blind cat while he is gone. Tonight is the night, that if I am going to go seek the nightlife, and bring strangers home for random, anonymous sex, is the night to do it. I just have to kick them out early enough that I can still go catch my ferry back to the States. A band is playing tonight that will actually be playing at some of the festivals still on my summer agenda, but it would be fun to see them in their native Canada, appreciated by their own, rather than being somewhat unknown.

The Age Old Flyer Advert doing its Work

The Age Old Flyer Advert doing its Work

So far, I have lucked out with businesses taking my debit card. Canada still subscribes to a mostly cash economy, and many businesses will only take credit cards or cash, debit cards not an option. I always have found that strange, when the attitude was prevalent in the US, since I would never use my debit card if I didn’t have cash in my account, but it probably has more to do with what the merchants get charged for accepting it, not anything to do with me potentially not being financially solvent. Still, just a different attitude, and probably explains why their major banks, insurance companies and auto industries are not taking as big dives into the tank. Cash is king. Huh, respecting cash. What a concept.



I am sitting in a coffee place called Serious Coffee, which has more than one location, and free wi-fi. At 9:30, when I walked in, it was quiet but with steady business. At 10, it was packed and loud. Now nearly 11, it is quiet again. I think that was the 10 o’clock coffee break in action. I am right at the outskirts of the core of the downtown business district.

Serious Coffee on Blanshard

Serious Coffee on Blanshard

It is strange that the most prominent view feature looking towards downtown are the mountains rising from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Strange to have a constant reminder of a foreign country so close and so picturesque. The two places I have lived before near foreign boundaries were the same on both sides, landscape wise, so not at all obvious that different culture, different thoughts, different attitudes existed so close.


In addition to bicycles, Smart Cars are fairly prevalent in Victoria. The mayor has one parked in their spot, whether or not they drive it. The engineering department of the city drives in Smart Cars, running on biodiesel.

Smart Cars in Action for City Government

Smart Cars in Action for City Government


Well, it is definitely time for me to do something of interest with my day. It is hours before the band takes the stage, giving me time to discover where the venue is, how to purchase tickets with my debit card, and if need be, find a bank to actually get some Canadian currency from. And laundry to do, taking photos of things that catch my eye, charging all the electronics up, packing and eating. Whew! What an action packed day.