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Lolla Tease

March 31, 2010

Well, it is shortly to be the new summer concert festival season, (with Coachella to begin a mere 16 days away in nearby Indio, CA) and so the age old practice of selling tickets before revealing the line up is again the way it’s played.

Lollapalooza tickets are on sale, and today, all the Os of band names are up. I see none that looks like it could be Modest Mouse. Look for yourself, and correct me if I am wrong.

The only ticket for a show I have purchased so far is for another show in Chicago, the Pitchfork Music Festival in mid-July, and I bought it because a) it was cheap at $90 for a 2.5 day festival and b) Modest Mouse is playing. What more reasons did I need? We will see if I actually make it.

I say that only in the sense of we shall see how my finances and ability to leave LA are at that point in time. The ticket is usually the cheapest part of a music festival, as getting there, lodging and eating are the other 3/4 of the equation.

If worse comes to worst, I go and attend only Friday to see Modest Mouse, and leave my wrist band with the person I usually stay with in Chicago to enjoy the other two days. Hopefully her wrist is small enough. Or, like I had the inclination to the first time I did Lollapalooza and had an extra ticket, I kept thinking of giving it to one of the baristas at Intelligentsia, before that coffee place invaded Los Angeles and it was still a Chicago exclusive. Someone who was working in the morning, no reason not to go enjoy themselves later in the day. For free!

More Festivals! More New Lineups!

April 28, 2009

So of course the lineup for Lollapalooza was announced last week, and not as I predicted, Jane’s Addiction and NIN will not both be playing. Jane’s Addiction, yes, NIN, no. NIN will be playing in Japan during that weekend.  Trent’s twitter feed has been talking about the band’s practices, his concern for the conflict between opening night of Star Trek and their first show of the tour, and how they have been testing their costumes out, and one will have wings that light up. He’s kidding, right? NIN, costumes, wings? 140 characters per tweet doesn’t leave much room for subtlety, ya know? He’s kidding. So I get to see NIN at Sasquatch and Bonnaroo only.

Here’s the Lolla lineup:

Depeche Mode! Tool! The Decemberists! Arctic Monkeys! The Raveonettes! Bat for Lashes! Glasvegas (who cancelled last minute at Coachella)! While watching The Cure at Coachella, my thought was, if only Depeche Mode were playing too… I get my wish, albeit three and a half months later. Okay, so instead of NIN, where my hopes were, I get Depeche Mode and Tool. I’m good with that.

And Austin City Limits just announced their lineup today too.

the 2009 Austin City Limits Lineup

Pearl Jam

Dave Matthews Band


Beastie Boys

Kings of Leon

Ben Harper and Relentless7

Thievery Corporation

John Legend

The Dead Weather

The Levon Helm Band

Ghostland Observatory


Sonic Youth

Mos Def


Flogging Molly

The B-52s

Lily Allen

Citizen Cope

Arctic Monkeys

The Decemberists

Coheed and Cambria

Andrew Bird

Girl Talk

STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)



Bon Iver


Avett Brothers

The Airborne Toxic Event

Medeski, Martin & Wood


Michael Franti & Spearhead

Grizzly Bear

Heartless Bastards

Passion Pit

White Lies


Dan Auerbach

The Walkmen

The Scabs

Reckless Kelly


Blitzen Trapper

The Virgins

Here We Go Magic



Asleep at the Wheel

Dr. Dog

The Raveonettes

The Knux

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

State Radio

Los Amigos Invisibles

The Felice Brothers

Federico Aubele

Raul Malo

Daniel Johnston

Poi Dog Pondering

Brett Dennen


Henry Butler

Preservation Hall

Sam Roberts Band

The Greencards

Sara Watkins

Walter “Wolfman” Washington

David Garza

John Vanderslice

Zac Brown Band

Todd Snider

School of Seven Bells

The Dodos

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3

Alberta Cross

Deer Tick

Bell X1

Alela Diane

The Wood Brothers

The Parlor Mob

Rebirth Brass Band

Marva Wright

Terri Hendrix


Lisa Hannigan

The Low Anthem

Sons of Bill


Sarah Jaffe

Cotton Jones

The Henry Clay People

Papa Mali


Vince Mira

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Mimicking Birds

Jeffrey Steele

Jonell Mosser


Keith Gattis

Damien Horne

Sarah Siskind

The Dexateens


Danny Brooks

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

The Soul Stirrers

The Durdens

Palm School Elementary

The Gospel Silvertones


Quinn Sullivan

Ralph’s World

Q Brothers


Telephone Company

Loose Cannons

Lunch Money

I gotta say, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed with this lineup. Then again, of the headliners, I’ve seen Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper and Ghostland Observatory at least three times each, so those aren’t the draws for me. However, Sonic Youth, Lily Allen and the B-52s are playing, and those I could get excited about. There are plenty of other bands too, like DeVotchka whom I can always see, School of Seven Bells, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, and how about Mos Def? It’s not that it is a bad lineup, by any means, it’s just that usually it is the big name acts that push me over the edge of whether to attend or not. It is the second or third level acts that I really want to see, and if there is someone playing the closing show for the greater than 45 minute slot that I want to see, that’s what has me buy the ticket. The way I should think about it though, is who is playing the aftershows? Last year, I waited around for the closing acts, and missed the band I bought a ticket to see as an aftershow, because some of the aftershows conflict with the actual event times. So maybe…. I’ll keep my eyes open and see what develops. I would definitely recommend the festival on principal to anyone else; I love this festival, as Austin is a great place to visit and the festival is so wonderfully organized. But for me, this year, it just isn’t calling to me. However, it’s the first weekend of October, who knows what will be going on in my life by then?

And as if that were just not enough, another lesser known festival lineup was also announced yesterday, in Seattle, the Capitol Hill Block Party lineup. A two day Friday-Saturday festival this July 24 & 25, sponsored by an excellent local paper and an excellent local radio station, it is focused on promoting Northwest bands, but if not from the NW, then indie music in particular. Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 1st. At $40 for the two days, it’s a bargain, especially if you already are in Seattle. Sonic Youth is the big name this year. And not only are the bands announced, but the stages and days they will be playing is already up. Me, I already have other plans that particular weekend. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go last year, as I was in the vicinity, and Feral Children were playing!

Now that all these have been announced, it is time for me to go back to updating my spreadsheet to see what bands I now have second chances to see at my next festival dates. Good times!

Outside Lands Festival Lineup Announcement Monday

April 10, 2009

How is it that a festival not taking place until the end of August (August 28-30 is Outside Lands in San Francisco) can announce its lineup in four short days, while a festival taking place three weeks earlier (August 7-9 is Lollapalooza in Chicago) still won’t announce its lineup until a week and a day after then?

And come on, if Jane’s Addiction is rumored to be headlining (not difficult, considering Lolla is Jane’s Addiction’s front man Perry Farrell’s baby) and Jane’s Addiction is touring this summer with Nine Inch Nails, calling themselves the NIN/JA tour, what do you suppose the chances are that Nine Inch Nails might also make an appearance at Lollapalooza? I’m just guessing, but that seems kinda likely, don’t ya think?

But in the meantime, we will have to wait for the official announcement.

What Have I Been Doing with My Days?

April 9, 2009

I keep getting asked that question, and I really have no idea.

Yesterday, I inputted in an excel spreadsheet all the artists performing at the four music festivals I have tickets for (Lollapalooza has unfortunately not announced their lineup yet, won’t until April 21 and that would be number 5), sorted them correctly alphabetically (no The’s or A’s at the beginnings of names unless it is actually said) for each festival, then compared who was performing where and if there were any repeats. Now when set times are announced, I can make actual educated decisions about, well, perhaps if there is a conflict at this festival, I have a chance of seeing this band at a different festival. Or, this is their only performance.

This is what I do for fun. I play with excel spreadsheets. It helps me learn my new Excel 2007 version, since it is rather different from previous versions. And since most other people I know who are using Excel don’t use this version yet, I’m kinda on my own figuring it out. Some really basic simple things I used to know how to do, I no longer have a clue how to do, because I haven’t figured out where to access it. So it is very good practice. Maybe my expertise at Excel 2007 will get me employed.

And this is what I can tell you about the overlap of the four festivals Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo and All Points West:

Crystal Castles, The Knux and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are the only three bands to play at all four festivals.

Fleet Foxes, The Gaslight Anthem, Girl Talk, Silversun Pickups, St. Vincent, The Ting Tings, and TV on the Radio are all playing at three of the festivals.

While A.A. Bondy, The Airborne Toxic Event, Alberta Cross, Animal Collective, Band of Horses, Beastie Boys, Ben Harper and the Relentless 7, The Black Keys, Blitzen Trapper, Bon Iver, Booker T (with and without the DBTs), Cage the Elephant, Calexico, Chairlift, The Decemberists, Electric Touch, Erykah Badu, Etienne de Crecy, Ghostland Observatory, Gogol Bordello, Grizzly Bear, Jenny Lewis, Lykke Li, MSTRKRFT, The Murder City Devils, M. Ward, My Bloody Valentine, Neko Case, Nine Inch Nails, of Montreal, Okkervil River, People Under the Stairs, Ra Ra Riot, Santogold, Shearwater and We are Scientists all play at two of the four festivals.

That leaves everyone else playing only at one of the festivals, so a more urgent need to try and catch them if I have interest in seeing them perform. But some I’ve seen before, and some I have no idea what they are like, so that leaves me to begin my research about the bands I don’t know, and to prioritize which ones I want to go see. Because if I enjoyed them before, maybe I want to see them again. But I also like to open my ears to bands I don’t know. Such a conundrum. Thus the reason for research. That and arranging where to stay, or what to get for camping, or taking care of my car to enable all that travel.

It’s exhausting all the work I need to do to be a music festival groupie, ya know? To be a prepared music festival groupie.

And in the meantime, I screwed up my perfect chance to be a Bonnaroo Pre-Festival volunteer, as I didn’t get my payment in on time (was waiting on a check to make sure I had the money to cover it) and all the positions got filled. But fortunately for me, since they couldn’t transfer the ticket I was purchasing through the payment plan over to the volunteer group (i.e., I would be buying two tickets, and only getting refunded one when I finished my volunteering gig) I still have a ticket, with no volunteering obligations attached. All my concerns about missing the bands I want to see thus erased. Just not the financial situation I had been hoping for. And I am still waiting to hear if the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, the following weekend after Bonnaroo, will have me as a volunteer. This time I am not purchasing anything until I hear back from them, as I don’t have to drive through Colorado to get home. It would just be nice to have a place to stay for a few days down time before continuing the trek home, and this certainly seemed pleasant enough. I especially like the prospect of a Bluegrass combo performing only Radiohead songs.

So this, plus the classes I take, the weekly phone calls I am on, the volunteering I do, the arranging in advance of travel details, and purchasing tickets and following up on unresolved details, and keeping track of my finances, that’s what I do with my time. I’m also researching cars, so if and/or when my car dies, I have a backup plan of what car to purchase next. Because I like to have backup plans to my backup plans. It has come in handy previously!

News You Can Use… if you care to!

April 1, 2009

Lollapalooza tickets are on sale now. They are the early bird tickets, three days of music for less than $200. The catch? You don’t know who is playing yet. That announcement comes in April. When the $170 tickets sell out (expected to later tonight), then the $190 tickets go on sale. Still a bargain, with no service fees. When those sell out, they haven’t announced the price of the next set of regularly priced tickets. Expect it to be over $200.

Interesting concept. Do you trust they will have a good line up? Past experience says yes. But availability of desired bands is always the wrench in the gears. I do not doubt that a huge amount of negotiating has been taking place for months, if not years, to achieve this line up, whatever it may be.

In the meantime, find a place to stay! Book it now, before the rush of wannabee-theres discover the line up and then want to come play. Chicago is a beautiful city, full of other century architectural masterpieces and proud of it. And the festival is right in the heart of downtown Chicago, with in/out privileges, so if the food and music is not your thing for a particular stretch, leave to explore the city and come back later. How can you lose with a deal like that?

Take the chance, buy the ticket, see you there. And remember, Intelligentsia coffee is headquartered in Chicago. Experience it on its home turf, blocks away from the venue. Or go see Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Or ride the L.

On completely other random news, has anyone else been hearing about the young man doing 50 jobs in 50 weeks in all 50 states of the United States? He’s on week 27 right now. I finally went looking on his website, and saw what he is up to and why. It is a little sad that he had no idea of the still-existing cultural differences within our country, but thrilling that he decided to embrace it as a source of exploration through travel, taking on jobs he feels are stereotypical for the state and just generally getting to know our country. I salute his adventurous spirit, especially since it grew out of his attempts to become employed. Way to turn adversity into opportunity.

And, for us pet owners, have we recently given any thought  to what it is that we are feeding them? Being a vegetarian with the teeth and digestion of an omnivore, I have heard the arguments for forcing my naturally carnivorous cat onto a vegetarian diet (you don’t hear any bias of my particular opinion in that sentence, do you?) but this article I ran across went a direction and investigated an area I had not heard before. An article about ingredients in pet food made me all the more concious of why it is I have chosen to be vegetarian, that individual choices can indeed make a difference. I choose to eat lower on the food chain to enable there to be more food choices available for others, believing that all on the planet can then eat. So now, with this information about fish products in pet food and its impact on the environment, what is the individual choice I can make for myself and my cat consistent with a commitment to the environment and eating lower on the food chain to enable others to eat? It makes the boutique pet stores that whip up individualized food blends less boutique-y expensive and more thoughtful and environmentally progressive than I had originally given them credit for.