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My Bible for the Summer

May 31, 2009

Fun with Google Docs. Here’s the link, and I already know I have some updating to do, as Bonnaroo announced some additional artists.

This is the spreadsheet that clearly shows if you go to any of these festivals (the festivals I am planning on attending), and there are fewer stages at one festival than another, your chances of seeing more bands are greatly increased, so choose your festivals wisely. There will be conflicts between bands playing. And your favorite bands will play against one another, because they will. Of course, the information one really needs is the actual schedule, but hey, that usually comes out the week of any given festival.

This is merely a guide of who is playing at which fest, and if you can only go to two or three (or more) who to try and see that will only be performing at that festival alone. Or, the converse, if you can only catch a few minutes of THIS band, never fear, you can always catch a fuller set of their performance at THAT festival coming up next.

Anyway, here it is:


More Music Festival News

March 9, 2009

1. Concerning Coachella:

From: Coachella Valley Music …
Date: Mar 9, 2009 9:52 AM
Subject: Amy Winhouse canceled
Body: Yes it’s true. And we’re bummed.

And 2. Concerning Lollapalooza:

From: Lollapalooza
Date: Mar 9, 2009 9:51 AM
Subject: 2009 – $60 Souvenir Tickets
Body: Keep your eyes on the Lolla website this week and you could score the elusive $60 Souvenir Ticket.

http://www. Lollapalooza. com