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Still Alive

April 22, 2010


That’s why the twitter feed is there —–> to make sure all who are curious know I am still existing. 🙂

More new students. May 31 deadline for completion of 34 hours of tutoring. Students not showing up for appointments. Not getting ahold of parents to re-schedule. No foreseeable way I can get the 34 hours in for that student at this point. Penalties may ensue. Bleh. Steady employment with steady paychecks and steady hours is looking more enticing today. One doesn’t get paid for hours not worked.

Running out of disk space on computer, despite email, twitter, blog and movie watching all done on other servers, the bulk of my activities on this here computer.  Delete a few things here, delete a few things there, happier but no long term solution. Need a new computer, right? That’s the solution!

Other tasks and responsibilities taking up my time, scheduled phone calls, meetings, airport runs, etc. I am now so dependent on my daytimer to know what is going on in my life, like I never have been in my life before. Still amazes me that my time can be so full without a full time job taking up the bulk of the space.

I am going through stacks of papers in my apartment, trying to get organized. I filed for an extension on my taxes, and am still looking for the supporting paperwork to be able to claim some business related expenses, the purchase of the printer/scanner being the main one. I know I will owe because I am self-employed, I know there will be penalties for filing late, and I know I will need to ask for a payment plan anyway, but that’s what is so, as long as I handle it in a timely manner. I give myself to the end of the month, since I already have to pay penalties for the month of April anyway, right?

That and the fact I owe my private lender the entirety of the loan balance in August, so I need to get a traditional mortgage by then.

Phew! Just a few things to handle.

And no, I didn’t make it out to Coachella, not even to stand outside the gates and listen to the headliners from the parking lot. I did make it out to the desert that weekend, to Lancaster to see the poppies in bloom and search for the distant sticks on the horizon that turned out to be windmills. Fun adventure with a fun fellow. This weekend is the official Poppy Festival in Lancaster. Embrace the orange hills and fields! 

Poppies, Poppies, Poppies!

Gotta go print things, now that I have more ink and paper with which to do that. And the space next to my computer, the one foot square next to the side of the refrigerator that I use as my magnetic bulletin board? Clean! I can see the hardwood floor again! 18 cans of Guinness and 4 bottles of Sierra Nevada neatly stowed in the bottom of the refrigerator, rather than in a box beside the refrigerator. With cold brews in the fridge, I am now prepared for guests wanting beer. There still isn’t anyplace for them to sit other than the bed, but I’m getting there…..

Stoned Wallabies

June 25, 2009

Yes, you read that title correctly. The mystery of crop circles in Australia has at least been solved. Stoned wallabies, from eating poppy heads in poppy fields, and then hopping in circles, according to Reuters.

Okay, great. Australia solved. What about the rest of the world? Poppies are not grown everywhere else, and if it were all fields of the same crop, I’m sure that would have been figured out by now.

And if the thought of stoned wallabies creating crop circles does not make you smile or laugh, I really can’t help you!