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Still Sick

November 5, 2009

Apologies to the couple on the plane flight back to LA, listening to me sniffle through the night.

The wife was kind enough to show me her brand new Kindle, a gift from hubby, to celebrate their one year anniversary of marriage, the paper (less) anniversary. But one of the advantages of being a luddite still, was when we were asked to turn off all our electronics for take off and landing, I still got to read my book, while she had to turn hers off.

My question on electronic books is this: for all those books that are currently out of print because the justification of a print run would not be profitable, can we now expect to be able to find them in digital only form? Whilst in college, I saw the effects of multi-conglomerates taking over smaller publishing houses, both as a student and an employee in a small book store. More than once, our professor would put a book on her course list as required reading only to no longer have the book be in print and readily available by the time the course started. Fine, we were in the upper division courses studying women’s issues and agriculture of post Revolution Russia, pre-Communist Soviet time periods, admittedly not a huge market for books, but still! The number of times this took place during my three year stint in that history department was unbelievable. Fortunately, Powell’s, the largest new/used bookstore West of the Mississippi often had used copies of the books we needed, if you got there before your classmates did with the syllabus, but living in Portland, Oregon made us an exception, not a standard for other college classes.

I want to know if buying an e-book will be supporting bringing back wonderful out of print books into existence? I will gladly buy one if it helps support say the return of 25-50% currently unpressed books!

And as for having a cold, evil Sarah’s only thought (which provides much happiness!) is perhaps the previously mentioned Brett also contracted it, as bad Karma for his duplicitious ways.


May 23, 2009

Off to Sasquatch super early tomorrow morning. But in the meantime, I have been tootling around Portland, looking for those last few things to buy before heading out for three days of car camping.

I am on a shopping tear, because Oregon has no sales tax. And even the Costco up here (the local member only big box store), has organic granola and vegetarian refried beans, and organic coffee and housebrand organic peanut butter for sale. That’s the thing about Costco, they always cater to the locals as to what exactly gets stocked. And Costco’s headquarters are in Washington, so they should have a pretty good idea of what the locals want.

I took tons of photos, of all the buildings that had been important to me when I last lived here. A lot has changed. Things that were just in planning stages when I left, have already blossomed to fruition. Amazing what ten years will do.

And the posted photo below just gives an idea of how awesome a city Portland is. Not a beggar, not even necessarily homeless, just a guy on the street wishing others well. Certainly have never seen that in LA!

Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day

Or how awesomely bicycle friendly the city is. On Belmont, there were entire car spots devoted to bicycle parking, and even protected from potential car swipes with pylons.

One Less Car Parking Spot!

One Less Car Parking Spot!

And when I went to Powell’s City of Books, I heard the sad news that FUP, the Technical Bookstore’s resident cat, passed last year, after 20 years of a wonderously laidback life. She has been immortalized on a Powell’s Giftcard. Long live FUP! I even sent her a postcard from Hemingway’s house of cats in the Florida Keys. I just thought she should know there were other communities of cats protecting buildings.



And it turns out that today is the beginning of the Rose Festival. There will be fireworks tonight. Now with the Eastbank Esplenade complete (something that was a mere vision when I left and now a concrete reality), one is not forced to view fireworks only from Waterfront Park in downtown (and the horrendous traffic jam afterwards trying to escape) but can also enjoy them from the East Bank of the Willamette River. Ah, so nice. Because, remember, Portland is The City That Works!