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Picture Proof

May 19, 2009


Golden Gate Bridge, enshrouded in fog, naturally!

Golden Gate Bridge, enshrouded in fog, naturally!

Fort Bragg, looking like a frontier town from the Old West

Fort Bragg, looking like a frontier town from the Old West

San Francisco Festival News You Can Use

April 13, 2009

San Francisco’s music festivals have made the news this past week. Today, the lineup of Outside Lands was announced, and last week the dates of Treasure Island were announced.

“April 8, 2009 San Francisco, CA — Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment are pleased to announce that the third annual Treasure Island Music Festival will take place on Saturday October 17 and Sunday October 18, 2009. Saturday will feature two stages of electronic and dance oriented acts and Sunday will feature a compelling line up of national and local indie rock artists.

This two-day boutique music festival will continue its tradition of providing a stellar and diverse musical lineup smack-dab in the middle of the San Francisco Bay on historic Treasure Island. There will also be interactive activities for the audience including a 60-foot tall Ferris Wheel, an interactive arts / vendor village featuring local designers, and an array of healthy and affordable food and beverages available.

The Treasure Island Music festival is organized by the producers of the Noise Pop Festival, one of the nation’s longest-running independent music festivals, and Bay Area based Another Planet Entertainment, an internationally renowned independent concert producer. The Treasure Island Music Festival has been called a “full blown love affair” by SPIN.COM. The SF WEEKLY declares that the festival boasts “an impressive lineup with bands from all over the world.” PASTE MAGAZINE proclaimed that “for the second year in a row, a 70-year-old, man-made island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay was home to some of the finest live bands in the country.”

“We’re thrilled to once again bring a pirate’s booty of musical treasures to the island in the Bay,” says Kevin Arnold, founder of Noise Pop. “The third edition of TIMF promises to be the best yet as we present another action-packed weekend of premier indie and electronic talent and myriad other diversions in what we think is the most majestic festival setting in the world.”

Full performer line-up and on-sale information will be announced early this summer… stay tuned!

For up-to-the-minute information on Treasure Island Music Festival please visit”


In other news, I especially appreciate the creativity of using muppet-like creatures singing a song in the woods to announce the lineup of Outside Lands. See it here.

Or here’s the actual poster as of now, changes to be announced later. Modest Mouse! Beastie Boys! Built to Spill! Pearl Jam! Dengue Fever! Black Eyed Peas! Thievery Corporation! Calexico! And so conveniently located on the calendar right before Burning Man…. They make it so easy to want to go, so convenient, so tauntingly available…. And they are clever, with the announcement of who will be performing, before the tickets go on sale. No buyer beware here!

Me? Especially excited by Modest Mouse in the lineup. Their only other scheduled appearance listed over at myspace is at Bumbershoot, and as we well know, Bumbershoot up in Seattle, WA conflicts with Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV every year! So I still haven’t made it to Bumbershoot, even when it was only a three hour drive from Portland, and BRC was many times that.

Outside Lands Festival Dates Announced

March 7, 2009

Okay, so it happened earlier this week, I am remiss in my reporting duties. The dates only have been posted. No hint as to headliners or other acts. August 28th through 30th, 2009.

When I look at my calendar, my real one, the one that has music festivals and holidays and other important dates to me listed on it, I see it is exactly the same as it was last year. Weekend of music festival in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and then at midnight plus one minute, Burning Man gates officially open out in the desert north of Reno, in Black Rock City, Nevada. This is especially good for all those attendees to Burning Man who complain about the constant dance music only playing on the Playa. Get your fill of rock and indie and alternative musicians at Outside Lands, then hop in a car and head east when it is done. I have noticed with the advent of satellite radio, there is a little more variety in the music on the playa, but who really wants to be using the battery of their car for a week to power the satellite radio just to cover up what they don’t want to hear? I’d be worried about my car battery being dead at the end of the week. Besides, Burning Man has its own radio station broadcasting 24/7 that plays plenty that isn’t dance music. You can sit outside the radio station and listen for hours, they even put out couches and shade to accomodate listeners. Or the cafe, with its artists and musicians performing all hours of the event. Take your pick. There are other choices. Happy for me, I like dance music and rock and alternative and indie. It’s all good to me. And I always camp on the outskirts of Black Rock City, so I can sleep the night through without having to wear ear plugs to block the music and flame throwers and other festivities.

Anyway, all I’m saying, is with Outside Lands Festival and then Burning Man, that’s one long week of music and celebratory vibes in the San Francisco area. I’m so glad they did not schedule the one and the other to compete for the same weekend.

Outside Lands Festival 2008 Main Stage Area

Outside Lands Festival 2008 Main Stage Area

However, that being said, I don’t know what Outside Lands could possibly do to improve the venue. It is held in Golden Gate Park, so the landscaping is sort of non-negotiable. The festival was fine (except for the sound cutting out repeatedly when Radiohead played), and the stages were definitely far enough away from one another to have no sound bleed between artists, but the bottlenecks! Man, that was tough. There are three distinct stage areas, with two stages each, and food, atms, port-a-potties and other things, so each area is quite self sufficient. That was definitely nice and well thought out, but the entrances to each area were not designed for thousands of people to pass quickly from one area to another. They also involved inclines. So definitely not handicap friendly. The upshot was if you wanted to be front and center for a particular artist on a different stage in a different performance area, give yourself plenty of time to get hither and yon. Like, maybe even a half an hour!

Me, preferring to be in the back of a crowd and with plenty of room all around me, found the hills to be useful, as you could stand way in the back, above the crowd, and the sound still carries fine AND you can see the stage. Just remember to bring warmth with you, as the winds from the nearby ocean come up once the sun sets, and it gets chilly.

Oh, but I forgot. I still haven’t bought my ticket for Burning Man, so therefore I am officially still not going this year.

Yeah, right.