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September 4, 2009

So today (should) find me in Seattle, at Bumbershoot. Apparently the 39th Annual Bumbershoot. In the 17 years that I lived in Portland, a mere three hour drive away, I never once attended. It happens every Labor Day weekend, so there need never be a conflict with a normal M-F office work schedule.

And since I am not attending Burning Man this year, there is no excuse not to go, other than the usual pesky arguments of sanity that include not actually having the money for it and what a long drive it is. Who cares? What’s that got to do with it? I bought my ticket when they were still cheap at $80, and just have to get there.

That’s where CouchSurfing and Craigslist come in. Last week’s trip to SF included transporting a Canadian CouchSurfer to SF, and some money contributed for that. This weekend includes taking a man and his two young sons to Portland so they can buy a car (not a bad idea, where there is no sales tax) and he can drive a stick shift, so I will hopefully not have to drive the distance all by myself. Nor pay for all the gas myself. These are good things.

Modest Mouse will be headlining on Monday, the whole point of my going. Franz Ferdinand that night too, Mt. St. Helens Band, whom I first saw at Bonnaroo, Hotels, U.S.E., Telekinesis, Head Like a Kite, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, Point Juncture, WA, are all bands I am looking forward to seeing. I have been downloading the mp3s off the Bumbershoot blog, and writing down the pointers I need to remember to have an enjoyable experience.

And my students for tutoring finally arrived in the mail to begin contacting. I have a job again, as soon as I schedule it for when I get back. No great income, but money coming soon. Reason enough to celebrate. By going to a music festival!

I only have one more actually scheduled to attend after this, VOODOO Fest in New Orleans for the Halloween Weekend, just booked my flight there and back. I am still waiting to hear if I get to be a volunteer for Treasure Island Music Festival, again in San Francisco, in which case I will go, since it is a two day, two stage only fest, so even volunteering, I get to hear everything. Austin City Limits, is a pass. Unless I get a job that requires me attending….. And the Bridge School Benefit, the little thing that Neil Young does to raise money for the school he started for his disabled son to attend, still hasn’t announced its line up, but is the weekend before Voodoo. Again, in the San Francisco area, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Just like every previous year…. built on the debris of a former garbage dump, it’s a nice grassy amphitheatre now. But no, I have commitments that weekend, I will not be attending. Unless the line up is really good…..

You can see how this goes, it is never ending. Thank god the season of Music Festivals is ending soon!

Music Festivals at the End of the Season

August 22, 2009


This weekend is Sunset Junction Street Festival. Two full days of music from local bands and others, most recognized nationally. And for the price of a $20 ticket per day. I can actually only go Saturday, as I have a class to attend in Santa Barbara on Sunday.

And next weekend, the weekend right before Burning Man starts, is Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco. For once, I will be utilizing my relatives for a place to stay, since they live a convenient distance to a BART station, and that way I don’t have to worry about expensive city parking. Turns out, a very similar line up of headlining bands will be playing the local music festival in San Diego, Street Scene, Friday and Saturday of the exact same weekend. The band I bought the Outside Lands ticket for, Modest Mouse, will be playing at both festivals, as will the Black Eyed Peas, Conor Oberst, and Trombone Shorty, among others. Huh, had I known that in advance, I could have just bought a ticket to San Diego’s Street Scene, seen Modest Mouse and not had to drive up to San Francisco at all. Oh well. By being in San Francisco, this still gives the last minute option of taking off for Burning Man, once Outside Lands is over. Of course, the fact the cousin I will be staying in the house of, always goes to Burning Man, might not have any impact on any last minute decisions at all…. Right.

The weekend following, the concluding weekend of Burning Man, when the Man burns on Saturday, and the Temples go ablaze on Sunday, is the weekend of Bumbershoot up in Seattle. Looky here, three days of not mere music, but ballet and comedy and S.E. Hinton, the young adult author, will be speaking and doing and performing…. And look, Modest Mouse, from nearby Issaquah, performing again. This time, in a headlining spot, like I believe they deserve. (Tenacious D is headlining at Outside Lands as replacement for Beastie Boys? They really have more draw than a 4:20 pm Sunday slot for Modest Mouse? Really?)  Bumbershoot tickets, $80 for three full days of fun. As of Saturday, the price just went up to $120. A bargain! And what is it about those folks up in Washington, those wise ones choosing three day weekends to hold music festivals, so no days of work need to be missed? Sasquatch in Quincy, WA on the Columbia Gorge starts the festivities in the NW, and Bumbershoot in Seattle, at the Seattle Center, home to the Space Needle, ends the summer on Labor Day weekend. I have never been to Bumbershoot. I shall one day, but probably not this year. Something about a low bank account balance, my same excuse for not having a 3x more expensive ticket to Burning Man….

And then, I found Modest Mouse playing four nights in a row at McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. Oh, how I wish to go…..Will they play all their songs, given there is no reason to repeat? Whole albums in entirety, anything fun or special like that? It’s all the rage, these days.