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Hollywood Moment

January 10, 2010

So, since I am a glutton for punishment, I have been subscribing to the twitter feed of the person who I previously mentioned had introduced himself to me via myspace, blah-dee-blah, as we did actually meet, one night; one very late night, and he actually was in my apartment, the spectre of random celebrity entertainment gracing my space.

(Do you ever have those moments where you mentally take a snapshot, knowing the image is something you will keep in your mind for a very long time, because you don’t really believe it? In fact, wishing you had a pair of those spectacle camera spyglasses, so an actual snapshot could have been taken? Where was my cell phone that night?)

Anyway, so since that evening, I have actually taken the time to get to know him a bit better, from a distance. See, I had no idea who he was until he introduced himself. I was no fan of his, never having heard of him or his band before. His twitter feed is quite sufficient for getting to know him, as all his responses to messages are there for all to see, including when they reference oneself. Tonight, he is hosting a musical event, with himself and his friends performing. He has been tweeting up a storm for the last few days, in preparation of the event. That, and getting a puppy, has him tweeting volumes, with pictures.

I could have gone to the show. (I still could, as it has not yet started.) He even asked his followers who wanted to be on the guest list? But I didn’t buy a ticket. I didn’t ask to get on the guest list. I decided I didn’t want to go, and possibly see him, and possibly be ignored. Not great for the self esteem.  Especially considering my track record so far this year with regards to men.

I thought we were done, the one night we saw one another, an exchange of emails afterwards, then no response later, done. In fact, I was under the impression I managed to piss him off. Fine. Moving on.

And then, earlier this week, he attempted to contact me again. I responded, apologizing I hadn’t gotten his message until hours later, then stated my demands, and nothing further. He got the puppy shortly thereafter. He started stressing about the show then too, so I figured he has been extremely busy with other things, and nothing further will probably occur. So I tell myself. Time will tell.

But despite all that being a Hollywood story completely in its own right, the actual Hollywood moment occurred today. He was mentioning yesterday actual paperwork for the show needing to be done (?), and today the fact that he woke up and already had 50 messages on his phone and needed to get through them all, but hadn’t slept but would like to and how much he really needed an assistant. Or at least a girlfriend.

Now, if I were a truly opportunistic, self-promoting individual like all who succeed in Hollywood must be, I would have quickly responded and offered my services. As I am a damn good assistant, able to anticipate my boss’s needs and getting it done before asked. And I need a job.

I really thought hard about whether to do it or not. I easily could have called him. I thought about my plans for the rest of the day, because if accepted, it would mean I would need to start immediately, to best sell myself as being up to the task. And what I decided was I needed to get out of the house, didn’t want to take a shower and make myself look as pretty as I would need to be to go hang out in a club in Hollywood tonight, (and possibly be looking after a puppy) and went shopping instead.

Sipping a mocha from Dazbog, a Russian coffee place, I thought: Was I wrong? I kept thinking about it while shopping in Burbank. At BevMo, I bought Coca-Cola made with sugar cane from Mexico to see what the taste difference from regular corn syrup Coke was, and picked up a bottle of absinthe with wormwood, following the original recipe. Should I have at least attempted to rise to the obviously stated need? I bought cleaning supplies, stockings and an address book at Target. I could direct response him on twitter, I kept thinking, fingering my cell phone with that capability. As I placed a pair of oven mitts to replace the recently burnt one into my car, along with a bookcase and power strips from Ikea, I continued contemplating. Imagine I had and he had accepted, I thought, as I drove towards Hollywood, where he would be performing in mere hours. I was looking at acoustic basses, something I had seen for the first time while watching a show about Silversun Pickups, as the bassist had performed at the local radio station with an acoustic bass, with what I thought was a cheap brand name obviously prominent. Cool! Cheap being the operative word. But as I looked, no one carried it. I wonder where she got it? It certainly wasn’t at Sam Ash or Guitar Center on Sunset.

And as I ate my dinner in a cafe on the stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard known as Theatre Row, I continued to torture myself by reading his tweets. Well, it would appear no assistant had materialized, or none was mentioned, so perhaps I should still offer my services. What’s the worst that can happen? I get ignored. I get taken up on my offer. I get a job. I think I shall sleep on it before I do anything rash. As the show has just begun, I don’t think offering my services now would be opportune.

Because the truth of the matter is, the more I have bothered to find out about him, the more respect I have for him as a working artist. He is in the studio working on his songs or songs he is writing for others, every day. And he may have the rock and roll lifestyle at night, but only after working hours in the studio (and tweeting about it) while sipping on lattes and frappacinos and mochas and shopping at Whole Foods and cooking for himself and taking to the treadmill daily. He mentions walking as a choice. We actually have more in common than I ever would have guessed, in terms of lifestyle choices. All the better match of someone for an assistant to assist!

Two More to Go

October 9, 2009

I am starting to mentally get ready for the remaining two music festivals on my plate for the year. And no, I did not go to rainy Austin City Limits of last weekend. Rain definitely seems to be the theme for the majority of music festivals I attended this year. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue! 

Next weekend (October 17 & 18) is Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco.

I will be volunteering there, which should be great, at a little two stage festival, no possibility of missing the bands. What a great place to get a volunteering gig! I still have to work out the details of getting to the festival once in SF via public transit (limited parking allowed on the island, which actually has a really cool and varied history involving visions as a transportation hub with airport/marina and realities as World’s Fair site and military installation), what is the actual address of where it is that I will be staying, and finally, making arrangements to get back to LA. That’s what the next week will consist of, making sure those details get handled. But I am definitely looking forward to the lineup. I am looking forward to hearing Murs, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Passion Pit again, Grizzly Bear again, Beirut, MSTRKRFT, The Decembrists yet again, Girl Talk always, and finally, The Flaming Lips. That’s about half the lineup, so I should be happy, no matter what. The other half are just bands I’m not familiar with yet. But I’m looking forward to it.

Fortunately, the festival that closes out the season has all its details handled, since I went to the same fest last year, and already know the lay of the land. I’m actually not as thrilled about the lineup, but bought the ticket to see two bands in particular, and to experience Halloween in New Orleans. I can’t think of a city more conducive to dressing up as a character and no one thinking a thing of it. (Besides Black Rock City.) Yes, I’m talking about VOODOO Experience, in beautiful NOLA. I have ticket, plane fare, hotel, and know where to go buy the three day pass to get around on the street cars. Just add meals and I am all set. In fact, I even get a paycheck before I leave, so I will have some spending money to take in the sights, say a swamp tour. Or the Botanical Gardens. Or actually visiting the Art Museum that the festival grounds sit next to.

The two bands I am eager to see? Kiss and Eminem. Yes, you read that right. Sure, I’ll enjoy The Knux, Silversun Pickups, Gogol Bordello, The Pogues, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Meat Puppets, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, MarchFourth Marching Band, The Flaming Lips again and whomever else I stumble across, but Eminem and Kiss were the bands that had me buy the extremely inexpensive 3 day pass. I am neither a Kiss nor an Eminem fan, not fan enough to ever buy a ticket to their own shows or even buy their albums, but Kiss on Halloween? In New Orleans? C’mon. I just expect it to be a very memorable experience, if only how colorful I expect the actual fans to be. And Eminem just makes me laugh, some of his song lyrics and even his persona. I actually own an album of each of these artists. But I’m not what I would call a fan. Really. Just curious enough to see their live shows, given the opportunity.

And, I come with plans for disguises. I wouldn’t call them costumes, just alterations of my existence. The first is I found one of my masks. I can’t wear it for very long, since it is latex and makes everything around it moist, and steams up my glasses. But here’s an old photo of me wearing it, actually taken on a Halloween years past.

The Long Beak Mask

The Long Beak Mask

Sorry for the crappy quality, it’s actually a scanned 35mm photograph, digitized. My old antique Japanese 35mm camera there, RIP.

I just went to Robinson’s Beautilities on Venice in Mar Vista, an LA landmark, and bought a wig. Long, black, straight hair. For some reason, I’ve never yearned to be a blonde, but a black-haired, green eyed woman has interested me. So now I have a mask, and a wig. I intend to dig out some old contacts I have, get my eyes used to them again, so I can ditch the fogging eyeglasses.

And what would be really cool would be to do this sort of simple makeup, and have that be the whole thing:

However, Fever Ray‘s Karin Dreijer Andersson has professional make up artists, and more importantly, someone else to do this to her, so I don’t think I’ll quite be able to manage it. But it would be awesome! Imagine walking anywhere in a city with that face.

So, as you can see, there is much to plan, the all important what to pack, and the actual what am I allowed to pack? What to wear, and what parts of a costume should I take with me?

And I’ve started hunting for things to do while in New Orleans, and one of the dive bar/off the beaten path venues I found is hosting a CD release party of a band that sounds interesting: I, Octopus. I hope to go check them out while there.

Sasquatch recap Day 3

May 31, 2009

Monday, Memorial Day (5/25/09). I woke up to the sounds of Modest Mouse playing on a nearby car stereo. Bliss.



All things considered for the previous night, I didn’t get up too late. In fact, I actually got into the festival for all the first bands playing that day. It was the day of animals: Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Horse Feathers, and Blitzen Trapper if you stretch it just a little. I also caught Loch Lomond (mellow violins), Pica Beats (mellow 60’s flutes and rock), Bishop Allen (peppy, preppy rock), School of 7 Bells (dance beat infused Cocteau Twins sound), Gogol Bordello, Dutchess and the Duke (folky), Monotonix (wow! for the Speedo wearing, crowd-surfing, drum moving performance piece), BLK JKS (loved the ska/speedmetal bass lines and who doesn’t love a strong South African lilting voice?),  Girl Talk, The Knux, Silversun Pickups, Beach House and Tobacco! Phew! That’s a whole lot of listening!

And I totally fell in love with Other Lives, a band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. I will be searching out their music, for sure.

Although I caught a little of Erykah Badu and Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 (relentless is an excellent word to describe the new hard driving band sound), my evening really ended with Explosions in the Sky. Ahhh. Like Radiohead and my favorite LA instrumental post-rock bands Signal Hill and Beware of Safety, time passes too quickly when listening to them. They’re done? No! Play more!

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky

When I got back to my campsite, Ben Harper playing against Chromeo’s DJ set, the girls from Oregon were gone, but the frat boys down the way were drinking again. One came over to bum a cigarette. Their camp was high, drunk and ornery, and security came and checked on them numerous times, especially as one member kept trying to “escape” by getting in the car to drive off, and the other members would take the car keys away, as she was in no condition to drive. As the evening progressed, various people came by to mention parties taking place, and one woman ran through the campgrounds announcing it was the last night of Sasquatch, “No one would be sleeping!”

At midnight, I put earplugs in, and fell asleep. Like the night before, it sounded like a riot was taking place nearby, but I couldn’t identify where. I felt like I was in an Hieronymos Bosch depiction of hell, and kept trying to remember what movie I had seen that had a similar background of Bacchanalian noise. I woke numerous times, as people kept leaving at all hours. Finally it was time for me to leave, to make it to the ferry to Victoria. Didn’t feel very awake for the next two days, despite coffee. I was looking forward to flush toilets and showers and electricity once again….

On the Ferry from the Olympic Peninsula

On the Ferry from the Olympic Peninsula