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Sasquatch recap Day 3

May 31, 2009

Monday, Memorial Day (5/25/09). I woke up to the sounds of Modest Mouse playing on a nearby car stereo. Bliss.



All things considered for the previous night, I didn’t get up too late. In fact, I actually got into the festival for all the first bands playing that day. It was the day of animals: Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Horse Feathers, and Blitzen Trapper if you stretch it just a little. I also caught Loch Lomond (mellow violins), Pica Beats (mellow 60’s flutes and rock), Bishop Allen (peppy, preppy rock), School of 7 Bells (dance beat infused Cocteau Twins sound), Gogol Bordello, Dutchess and the Duke (folky), Monotonix (wow! for the Speedo wearing, crowd-surfing, drum moving performance piece), BLK JKS (loved the ska/speedmetal bass lines and who doesn’t love a strong South African lilting voice?),  Girl Talk, The Knux, Silversun Pickups, Beach House and Tobacco! Phew! That’s a whole lot of listening!

And I totally fell in love with Other Lives, a band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. I will be searching out their music, for sure.

Although I caught a little of Erykah Badu and Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 (relentless is an excellent word to describe the new hard driving band sound), my evening really ended with Explosions in the Sky. Ahhh. Like Radiohead and my favorite LA instrumental post-rock bands Signal Hill and Beware of Safety, time passes too quickly when listening to them. They’re done? No! Play more!

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky

When I got back to my campsite, Ben Harper playing against Chromeo’s DJ set, the girls from Oregon were gone, but the frat boys down the way were drinking again. One came over to bum a cigarette. Their camp was high, drunk and ornery, and security came and checked on them numerous times, especially as one member kept trying to “escape” by getting in the car to drive off, and the other members would take the car keys away, as she was in no condition to drive. As the evening progressed, various people came by to mention parties taking place, and one woman ran through the campgrounds announcing it was the last night of Sasquatch, “No one would be sleeping!”

At midnight, I put earplugs in, and fell asleep. Like the night before, it sounded like a riot was taking place nearby, but I couldn’t identify where. I felt like I was in an Hieronymos Bosch depiction of hell, and kept trying to remember what movie I had seen that had a similar background of Bacchanalian noise. I woke numerous times, as people kept leaving at all hours. Finally it was time for me to leave, to make it to the ferry to Victoria. Didn’t feel very awake for the next two days, despite coffee. I was looking forward to flush toilets and showers and electricity once again….

On the Ferry from the Olympic Peninsula

On the Ferry from the Olympic Peninsula

Awake and with Earworms

April 2, 2009


I am awake at 5:55 am. Wide awake. Don’t know why. Might as well get my day started.

I had to return some library books before the library opens, and the sun is just starting to peek out, so I go for a wander, looking at houses and storefronts and my neighbors who were up too.

And these are the two songs I find stuck in my head, going round and round, just as they were yesterday. Why should intervening downtime sleep interfere with the perpetual jukebox in my head?

And while walking, I start repeating numbers in my head too, a constant refrain. I can’t repeat the numbers, as one is my bank account number, another is my parent’s home phone number, and the third is my mortgage payment amount. These numbers are usually triggered by a certain time, such as I start repeating my mortgage payment around the time I need to pay it. I have my parents’ number usually run into my head when I have the urge to give them a call (as in, the number starts repeating in my head before I even have the concious thought to call them, then I identify the number and realize I am telling myself (through numbers) to call them). And my bank account number? Frequently that’s me telling myself to check that some payment has gone through, make sure all is going swimmingly.

The weirdest part? I did all that yesterday, and yet those numbers are still running through my head today. What is that reminding me to do? And what does one call a stream of running numbers in one’s head, if music repeating is an earworm?